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Shooting Stars - Out now in all good bookstores!


Interested in writing?

Check out my Write Like an Author" school holiday writing camps for kids:

Learn the same skills that professional authors use to write their books.

Write Like an Author

'The Most Boring Book in the World' is out now. Get a free preview here:

Signed Copy

Battlesaurus Trailer!

Check out the awesome new book trailer for Battlesaurus: Rampage at Waterloo.
And check out the book here.

Order your own signed copy of one of my books!

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Amazing artwork for my new book: Battlesaurus: Rampage at Waterloo, due out in June 2015.


The New 2014 Recon Team Angel Book Trailer!

June 2012
Cave Dogs launched on the Kindle Store!

May 2012
More amazing artwork, this time from New Zealand artist Donovan Bixley, for the cover of "Maddy and the Tongue Taker". (Click the pic to enlarge)


January 2012
Amazing artwork from artist Alan Brooks for the cover of the US edition of "The Assault"

Check it out by clicking on the thumbnail below:

The Assault

September 2011
The first copy of Assault (Recon Team Angel: Book One) has just arrived. It looks great.Wonderful work by everybody at Walker Books Australia. It goes on sale in December.

The Project - Brian Falkner

June 2010
Brainjack was the winner of the Sir Julius Vogel Award for a Young Adult Science Fiction book. The trophy is designed by Weta Workshops and looks very cool!

Sir Julius Vogel Award


May, 2010
I am part of a group of authors creating a new book, and inviting kids to help. Check out the FABO project here:

May 2010
Congratulations to all the winners of the NZ Post Children's Book Awards, and thanks to all the kids who voted Brainjack as the Children's Choice in the YA category.

Brainjack has also been nominated for the Lianza Children's Book awards and the Sir Julius Vogel Awards (for Science Fiction books).

April, 2010
My Facebook page is finally up. Check it out here.

Brian Falkner on Facebook

March, 2010
The US edition of Brainjack is on its way! The New Zealand and Australian edition came out last year, and the US edition is coming in Fall this year. The title has changed slightly for the US edition. It is "Brain Jack". There are some nice reviews coming out too, read them here.

The German edition of The Tomorrow Code will also be out this year.

The Tomorrow Code



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