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The last person I expected!

By Sarah Nielsen

IT was a cold crisp morning I was Causal waiting out side the train Station for my cousin Jim (He always coming over that’s why I’m not that excited)Suddnely A huge crow of people come stamping out of the train, I see My cousin Jim “Hey”,I say in a lound voice .Suddenly My mouth drops to the ground I drop the pen In my hand all the other Remaining Object." HELLO" He says waving his Hand in front of me Like I’m some sort of dumb Animal." I'M HERE”I scream. Man take it easy ,what's up? I lift my arm shivering all over, Then I point towards a girl. What? Says Jim ,why are you so worried! This is the last person I expected to see here In the world! Molly Cherri I say in an Horrified voice. She's the most popular most coolest Girl in the school. But actually to me she was a horrible mean selfish bossy person. She use to throw balls at me Directly in the face! She use to steel my lunch money! And to make it worst every think she did wrong I got the Blame! I couldn't tell my parent cause she said If I did she would make it even worst for me at school! She has Thick jet black here slightly tangled but straight. Eye as blue and green as the river flowing in the moon light. Pure soft skin without one freckles on her face. Red royal lips glistering in every direction. She was very tall, people would often mistake her for an adult! Well she was suppose to be on holiday for another year! I guess she's coming back early to make another horrible year for me! Its 8am in the morning and I’m still curled up in bed I’m so scared to go to school. Who knows what molly could do to me she.. she could break every bone in my body! or even. No I don’t even want to think there! I got to umm.. Oh I know I could act sick that would be a brilliant idea. I got to get to it. what should it be cold, sore stomach Oh I Know.. chicken Pops Great now all I got to do is get some lipstick or a red marker then that lime flavored Ice block I have in the fridge. It could make me have a green tongue ,He he I have this all sorted. well not exactly first I got to get that lipstick out of mums room or that red marker in jenny room. then I’m going to have to make it look more realistic Of course then not going to fall for a Red marker or lipstick! I start moving like a mouse as silent as the moon. I creep up to jenny's room to spot if she's got any red markers I squeeze against the wall Yes She's got one. I step silently into her room and grab the marker as quick as lighting. and run out of the room suddenly I turn around Slowly I guess I’ve been caught red handed I look its only my dog “Few" I say wiping my eyebrow. My dog lily starts barking ,Oh No I say in my mind I here foot steps there coming closer, I see a shadow emerging. I start running towards my room! For some weird reason as I was running I slipped over on the cool hard tiles in the kitchen .ouch I scream by mistake I wipe the pen onto my face. man I have a big red mark on my face Oh no…”What the heck are you doing" says my mum…umm. Time to go to school .No! I hesitate she basically dragging me.5 minutes later I end up in the car on the way to school. I'm a sick! I make a coughing noise you can so you can so tell I’m faking when I got to school no one was there. I looked at my watch It was 8.30am why isn’t any one here! I look at a notice on the wall “NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY” Oh look said my mum no school today lets go back home.

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