Learn more about Henry and the Flea

If you're studying Henry and the Flea in school, you're in luck! Because here is all the information you'll need to put together a really good project!

Here are links, photos and information about places and things in the book, and also answers to questions that lots of kids have asked me about the book.

The Warriors
A lot of people ask me why I chose the Warriors for this book. The answer is that I have ben following the Warriors since their very first season, so when I wrote a book about a boy playing a professional sport they were my first choice. The Warriors website is here.

Who is the boy on the cover?
I don't know. He is a student at a Wellington school, who was selected by the cover designer.

What is the difference between a Hurricane and a Spitfire?
Here is a picture of a Hawker Hurricane and a Supermarine Spitfire. They did look similar but were quite different. These are the planes that flew against the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain. Click on a photo for a larger image.
Hawker Hurricane
Supermarine Spitfire

The Lost Park
This is a real place (sort of). I was inspired to write about the lost park by a real park in Glenfield, Auckland, near where I used to live. The description of how to find the entrance is accurate, but of course there is no fort, or tractor, or Spitfire!

Dell Bean
I have been asked if this character is based on the real life rugby league player Dean Bell. Definitely not. Dean Bell was a great and fair player and not at all like Dell (Rumble) Bean in the book. The name is just one of those funny coincidences.