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Cassie Clark: Outlaw

I am outside the law, and I am coming for you...

Rampage at Waterloo

One boy stands between an emperor and his plans to conquer the world.

Recon Team Angel

They came in peace.
They lied.


This is the strange and probably not true story of Miss Cecilia Undergarment and the black lions of Northwood.


In cyberspace, everyone can hear you scream.

Brainjack (German Version)

Here is the same trailer in German.

In Germany the book is called Angriff aus dem Netz (Attack from the Internet)

The Tomorrow Code

Crack the code, or tomorrow is history!

The Tomorrow Code (German Version)

The same trailer in German.

The Tomorrow Code #2

I started wondering, if you could send a message back through time, what would you say to yourself? So I built a website where people could do just that, and made a trailer for the website.

(The website got very few hits, so I shut it down, but I kept the trailer.)

The Super Freak

Jacob John Smith is not a freak.
He's a super freak!

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